TED Talk (Tim Ferriss) Visual Synopsis by Dani Saveker

TED Talk (Tim Ferriss) Visual Synopsis by Dani Saveker


This Visual Synopsis captures two of Tim Ferris’ highly regarded and much watched TED talks.

The first was recorded in 2008; Smash Fear, Learn Anything

This talk has Tim explaining how he overcame his fears by deconstructing the tasks and then using new techniques to master swimming, Japanese (and any other language) and ballroom dancing.

The second talk talk was more recently recorded in 2017; Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals

Tim continues to explore fear by sharing his own personal story and vulnerability having faced bipolar and depressive states to go on and achieve incredible success and happiness. By “fear setting” you can face your fears head on, understand how to reduce the impact and even repair any possible issues before even beginning. Tim also suggests that looking at the cost of inaction is vital – costs in terms of emotion, physical and financial. Using stoicism and Tim’s three step planning process, you can learn that what we fear most is usually what we most need to do.

Tim’s POD CAST: The Tim Ferriss Show

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